Thank You Volunteers

One of the things I like about my job is my role as a story catcher.   Over the years, I have interacted with scores of people who have joyfully relayed a story (or two) to me about their Red Cross volunteer experience.     While recently attending a Red Cross Volunteer Recognition Event, one of the volunteers, who said she was in her mid 70’s, shook my hand and then told me her story.  She even had ten photos in her hand that she presented to me like a slideshow as she recounted her volunteer experiences.  Her work with the Red Cross was fascinating.   For at least 30 years, this woman has dropped everything and come to the aid of her fellow man as a Red Cross volunteer whenever she has gotten the call.  Home fires, floods, tornadoes, Katrina, handing out food, cleaning up debris and being there with a hug for someone in distress – she has seen it all and done it all.   She said she loved everything that she had done for the Red Cross and I believed her.  I could tell by the way she described her experiences that volunteering for the Red Cross enriched her life.  I was happy to meet her and absorb her story. 

The Red Cross is so fortunate to have so many dedicated and compassionate volunteers.  Thank you, volunteers. 

About Reggie Gordon

I am currently the CEO of the American Red Cross, Eastern Virginia Region. Follow me on twitter @ReggieGordonARC

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