A Red Cross Kind Of Day

The skies are gray.  There is a chill in the air.  The slushy streets are deserted.  Yet, the work of the Red Cross is not on hiatus.

I had a lunch meeting with a prospective donor today.  When I called her in her office this morning to confirm, she said, “other people have cancelled plans for today, but I knew you would be there . . . this is a Red Cross kind of day.”  She’s right.  We raise money, secure resources and train for days like today: days that are ripe with potential for home fires or extended power outages.  Our paid staff and volunteers are poised to assist those who need Red Cross services  today.  Hopefully, there will be  minimal need for our services.

We tirelessly promote a message of year round emergency preparedness for homes and businesses.  I hope that our campaign has resonated with the citizens of this region and folks have the supplies that they need to stay safe and warm until the snow stops falling and the ice melts.

A day without personal or natural disasters  . . . that’s a Red Cross kind of day too.


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About Reggie Gordon

I am currently the CEO of the American Red Cross, Eastern Virginia Region. Follow me on twitter @ReggieGordonARC

One response to “A Red Cross Kind Of Day”

  1. Dana Nay says :

    Reggie, I know exactly what you mean by ‘Red Cross Kind of day’. Knowing these things has really been a benefit to my day job. You see I volunteer here for the Red Cross and also have the honor of working for the YMCA branch we are located in. Quick ride to work everyday! Our YMCA members know where they can get up to date info on The Storms and Shelters they say!. Some just don’t understand why we are heading into the disaster as others are trying to get away! I just remind them that the American Red Cross and the YMCA feel It’s our responsibility to take care of our community. Probably part of the reason we ‘sit in each others back pockets’ so to speak.
    YOUR BLOG always gives me a thought to ponder… and a feeling of connection with others who “share my kind of care”.
    Thank you Reggie! You are greatly appreciated!

    “In a Red Cross way….Have a Lovely Day!”

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